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i vote on a movie based on how good or bad i think it is, and i vote based on the movie, not on the genre. unfortunately any movie, obscure or otherwise, is harder to vote for if i haven't seen it a buncha times (or at all), thus reducing my familiarity with it. did i love a nightmare on elm street when i first saw it at age fourteen? yes, but not nearly as much as i love it now, having seen it a trillion times. but it's subjective, as are all things that come down to opinions. if you score a movie based on its' popularity or lack thereof, or on what genre you think it is, that's all well and good, and yes it makes for fun debate. and orlock, i don't think anyone's being a crybaby; but rather than say your piece and vote the way you want, you keep coming back to it and it makes you seem like a joyless dick. not saying that you are; you just seem that way. not to mention it just seems...miserly. this is all fun and games, right?

but it's like the cramps say:

And now they say that virtue is it's own reward
But when that surf comes in I'm gonna get my board
I got my own ideas about the righteous kick
And you can keep the rewards, I'd just as soon stay sick

stay sick, y'all.

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