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The Living Dead
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Originally Posted by Wonderlust View Post
All I see is twenty eight movies in the post. I start and go down the list and score on how much that film has affected me when I viewed it...then I add the numbers and put a name to the winning number. I really couldn't give a fuck who picked what. Horror movies are my passion.

I will always be true to myself. I will pick the films that reflect me and my tastes....which is gore and underground cinema. I probally will never win any of these drafts, but maybe a movie or 2 will be appreicated by sombody who never thought to look beyond the mainstream. I like that.
well fucking said.
2014 horror draft

1. return of the living dead 3 (1993)
2. shocker (1989)
3. the cat people (1942)
4. the hunger (1983)
5. let me in (2010)
6. bride of re-animator (1989)
7. creature from the black lagoon (1954)
8. thir13en ghosts (2001)
9. blacula (1972)
10. swamp thing (1982)
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