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Default The Pig Fucking Movie (1975)

A man (identified by the director as an autistic) lives an unusual lifestyle on a rural farm in Belgium. He fastens doll heads to pigeons; he collects waste in glass jars; he beheads a hen. He is also enamoured with a sow who lives on the farm. He rolls in mud and manure with her, and he copulates with her. The the sow births a litter of piglets. He awkwardly tries to spoon-feed them milk, but the the energetic piglets prefer to drink from the bowl. The piglets prefer their mother, and the man soon hangs them. When the sow discovers her piglets hanged dead, she goes mad with grief. She runs, squealing, until she falls into a muddy pit, where she drowns.
The man seeks searches for her, and is disturbed to find her dead. He drags her body from the hole, buries the body, and makes a feeble attempt to burying himself nearby. His grief turns to rage. He rushes around the farm smashing his personal effects, including his jars of detritus. He then prepares a "tea" of feces and urine. He consumes it with gusto, but immediately becomes ill. Finally, he climbs a ladder and hangs himself; his spirit immediately floats skyward.

Anyone else seen this mad shit? And does anybody actually see artistic merit in it?

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