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Hitman: Absolution - Fun game, with some irrational gameplay elements. For example, the scoring system. Makes sense on paper, but getting a high score almost forces you to play the game in the most boring way possible.

There are some really cool "environmental kill" scenarios set up in the game, but the scoring system penalizes you for using them. There is one moment in the game, where you have the option to hide in a giant birthday cake, and pop out to kill everyone while they're singing "Happy Birthday" to some jerk. It's clear the developers want you to try this out. It's an awesome set-piece moment. However, you get penalized for nearly everything involved in the sequence. You killed five "non-targets". Penalty. Five guys spotted you. Penalty. Disguise blown. Penalty. You killed a civilian. Big fucking penalty. It makes no goddamn sense.

The whole "disguise" mechanic is fucked too, and the "checkpoint" sytem is the worst since the original Dead Rising, but I've rambled on for long enough.

It can still be fun, but it's hard to ignore the game punishing you for thinking logically. This game basically tells you "If it looks fun, don't do it".


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