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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Only thing I really want from next season is for Margerate to gain a personality, or to be killed, or leave, or whatever it takes to get her boring "I'm just a sweet and innocent Irish lady" routine, out of the show. She is the only element of this show, that is constantly bringing everything to a screeching hault. Hell, even have Nucky beat the shit out of her for a couple of episodes, just to give her character something to emote from. Anything.

Less Margaret and more Van Alden next Season!

Also, I don't know how many Seasons this is gonna go for, but I definitely think this has the potential to surpass The Sopranos in greatness. If I had to judge based on the first 3 seasons of both shows, I'd give the edge to Boardwalk. I know this show doesn't have the massive ratings that the Sopranos had, so it won't likely go as long. Unless ratings pick up, of course....That, and with the way BE kills off it's main characters....Yeah, I don't see it lasting quite as long.

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