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Originally Posted by travisbickle View Post
I still need to check out Breaking Bad, but honestly... I'd put it right up there with Deadwood. And it's WAY better than Dexter, IMO.
Well, it certainly kicks the ever living shit out of the more recent Dexter. I'm really only sticking with it, because I'm pretty much obligated to see where it all ends up. If I'm being completely honest, Dexter pretty much sucks now. Those first four seasons(well, maybe not season 3), were intense as hell though, and really well put together.

As for Breaking Bad.....see it ASAP. You will NOT be disappointed, and will probably have a new favorite show. No hype. It's that fucking good. It's up on Netflix if you've got it.

I'm a HUGE fan of the show, in case you couldn't tell.
And with good cause. It's a great show. One of the elites for sure.

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