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"Friday The 13th Part 2".......A wonderful sequel and one of the best in the series. Loved how they had Adrienne King return as "Alice". Then after her forward to 5 years later. The storyline/screenplay is solid..and the performance by lead actress Amy Steel is strong. Love the character of "Ginny". I also thought John Furey as "Paul" was a strong actor/performance, and I enjoyed the character. The man can sure fill his jeans. HHmm..what an ass and package!! LOL!! There are many good looking guys in this one, which I enjoy. The death scenes were great and shocking. Machete to the face.....double piercing with a spear....throat slashing with barbed wire and knives...hammer to the head....etc etc!! Part 2 is great and a very solid slasher/horror movie. I found some of the editing to be weak in parts and also think the movie could have been another 5 minutes or so with the bigger body count and cast that they had. Great music score, beautiful cinematography, chills, suspense, and top notch directing also add to the movie. Awesome!!

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