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Originally Posted by Shape View Post
Nah, I do the same thing with my Bengals. No matter who they're playing. It's just like you and Miami. You pick Miami with the edge over everybody, good or bad. You gotta stick with your team, even if they ARE the Cowboys and even if they ARE gonna lose to my Bengals.
this, except for the last part.

really, it's why i also don't play fantasy football or bet on games (other than an occasional friendly bet, a bottle of somethin or some such). my passion is with dallas, and i can't have that distracted by money or rooting on some other teams player. that's not to say i don't appreciate good play and good players--iggs, i saw all of dan marino's career, and was awestruck for much of it; shape, my favorite bengals were ken anderson and jeff blake, remember blake's performance in a narrow loss to us in 94?--but ultimately, for me, it's all about the cowboys, whether it's ignorant or overly emotional.

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