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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Put it this way. With BB and TDK, I can count on one hand how many "iffy" moments are in them. With TDKR, I would lose count. Sure, you could pick apart BB and TDK if you really tried, but with TDKR, you wouldn't have to try. It would be effortless.

I'm not saying it's a bad movie(and I'm still hoping it will get better the more I watch it), but I don't know how anyone(especially fans of the franchise), can ignore the vast amount of problems and inconsistancies with this one, compared to the previous two.

If Nolan came out and said "This is going to be way different, and have more of an anything goes, over the top comicbook feel to it. Logic is thrown out the window", I would look at TDKR in a different light. He didn't though, so I can only conclude that Nolan kind of dropped the ball with this one. He got a bit lazy in the writing process, and cared a lot less about connecting all the dots.
Pretty much sums up how I feel too.I have a long,lomg lost of "iffy,gtfo" of here moments in this movie.BB and TDK were grounded in some type of reality,this one seemed to defy logic every other scene.

I enjoyed it a lot still despite that,just was a bit of a letdown to me.Tough task following the TDK,pretty much anything he did wouldn't have compared.

On a side note I really enjoyed both Bane and Catwoman,both Hardy and Hathaway impressed me.
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