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Originally Posted by MovieGeek View Post
I had issue with them when it came to Troma's Father's Day combo pack. They wouldn't notify anyone when the shipping date changed and we just sat there waiting for it.

Eventually I bitched to them and got free 1 day shipping.

I ordered Biollante (DVD) from Deep Discount for $4 and it's already shipped.
Its really random how Amazon is amazing with customer service most of the time but totally drops the ball on some things. I don't want to sound ungrateful for their service, I am thankful they willingly throw out those $5 credits, but an upgrade to overnight shipping after waiting for 4 days for a pre-order to ship would've been nice.

Deep Discount has really stepped up their game on shipping over the last year after a year or 2 of being totally unreliable. Unfortunately for them their customer service is still run by braindead idiots lol

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