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Originally Posted by wolfblood View Post
This film is kind of in the middle for me.

On one side, the home movies make this film. They're flat-out creepy, unsettling and the soundtrack adds to it. I'll also agree that Yard Work was the best of them, while I'll admit the scare on that wasn't as hard hitting as I thought it would be from reading the comments, it still certainly gave me a good jolt.

However on the other side, I particularly didn't care for anything else of the film. While Ethan did do a decent job, I wasn't fond of the exposition. I'll also agree with Wonderlust that Mr. Boogie was great until the end, some creatures are just better left in the shadows or in glimpses.

With that said, it's still worth checking out. Gotta' appreciate something that's able to be really creepy and dreadful, that and I will add that the found footage aspect was used better in this film then most films which are entirely found footage.
Nice post. The score definitely enhances the tension, and dread. On the other hand, I enjoyed Ethan Hawkes character. Trying to convince himself that he writes, because he loves it, and not for fame, or money. The mind games that he played with his own wife, because of it.

I also agree about the found footage. The movie was pretty aware of film, and technology in general, which I thought was cool. Another film that used partial FF formula recently was Lovely Molly, an almost equally disturbing movie.

Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
I completely agree with you. The build up of mystery was let down in the final act with bland twists in the story that left me feeling a bit empty and disappointed.

Having said that, it's been a few months since I watched it and those damn home movies have stayed with me, damn creepy. It's something I'll watch again and a sequel would interest me.
I can't disagree. I don't think any of those "twists" even mattered, seeing as the whole thing was explained pretty clearly before the finale even came. I just wish the ending was more graphic. Still, it's the scariest horror movie I've seen in a time, one that makes me want to purchase.
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