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Originally Posted by DeathbyIggy View Post
I sincerely hope you're right, as i've been pushing for a Heat/Lakers finals since the begining of the season.

The thing that get's me, is out of that 5 game winning streak, only one of those wins was against an elite team. Even if the Lakers don't win many games against the elite teams, they still have to win games against the lesser teams in order to be in possition to make the playoffs. Unfortunately, i see the Lakers struggling to win on a consistant basis against those lesser teams, and that's going to be a problem.

The Lakers need to get their shit together, because being 11th in the West just isn't going to cut it come playoff time. They need to start playing up to their potential.

The Lakers are better than this, and they're letting their fanbase down tremendously. I mean, how long is it gonna be before they beg Phil Jackson to come back and save this team from doom?
We ain't making the finals that's for sure. We might make the WCF if we really focus.
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