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Originally Posted by wolfblood View Post
This film is kind of in the middle for me.

On one side, the home movies make this film. They're flat-out creepy, unsettling and the soundtrack adds to it. I'll also agree that Yard Work was the best of them, while I'll admit the scare on that wasn't as hard hitting as I thought it would be from reading the comments, it still certainly gave me a good jolt.

However on the other side, I particularly didn't care for anything else of the film. While Ethan did do a decent job, I wasn't fond of the exposition. I'll also agree with Wonderlust that Mr. Boogie was great until the end, some creatures are just better left in the shadows or in glimpses.

With that said, it's still worth checking out. Gotta' appreciate something that's able to be really creepy and dreadful, that and I will add that the found footage aspect was used better in this film then most films which are entirely found footage.
Absolutely this. It's really cool to see that people are really like this film, but the only thing that I found really interesting was the footage. I hated the make-up on the ghost children, and I too found to exposition to be kinda funky. I didn't like the ending either.
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