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I absolutely loved nearly every aspect of Django Unchained, the only real negative I can give it is Kerry Washington's portrayal of Broomhilda Von Shaft ( an awesome homage to Shaft) I felt she was a bit too whiny for my tastes...

The acting is truly fantastic in this, I love how Tarantino made it Dr. King Schultz' film till Django was able to evolve into the badass we know he will become! Major kudos to Waltz and Foxx for their great performances...

The real stars in my opinion are Leonard DiCaprio's Calvin Candie and Samuel L. Jackson's Stephen. They both gave truly inspired performances filled with humor as well as menace.

I heard some African American film goers talking about Jackson's Stephen character and stated that they've always loved Jackson in ever film he's been in till now. That made me sad because that's exactly how the role was meant to be played and I guess that went over their heads...

Another plus was the sensational soundtrack,Tarantino really knows how to put them together!

All in all I'd give it a strong 9/10 and say it's my second favorite Tarantino film ( Pulp Fiction being the first)

I'm going back to see it again today....
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