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Originally Posted by mR_BuNgLe View Post
Every Tarantino flick is an event for me and has been since I caught Reservoir Dogs leading up to the release of Pulp Fiction. He's pretty much the only filmmaker that can get my lazy ass to the theatre opening week.
Same here, I'll go to opening day because I know I'm going to get a great film out of him. QT and Aronofsky are my opening day musts.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
I also read something pretty cool about the dinner table scene.
Spoiler Below
Apparently, the blood on Dicaprio's hand is real. He accidentally gashed his hand on something on the table, when he punched it, and they just kept rolling

Not sure how legit that is, but if so, very cool.
That's awesome.
Spoiler Below
So into his role and the scene that he just used it and kept on rolling....badass.

I need to go see this again.
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