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Originally Posted by oxley View Post
Although I like the Oscars. Their opinion is generally extremely snobbish. I watch bits of it, but it really is film snobbery at it's finest if you ask me.
Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post

Bring it on!

The Oscars are my drug. I follow this shit like a damn drug addict!
Me as well. I am a sucker for this shit. I just love the hypocritical and snobbish character and the behaviour of the protagonists, the Award Ceremony and the host, who hopefully will bring da ruckus this time. It is just fun to watch at, but don't you dare to make the mistake to take all that too damn serious.
Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
So many exciting possibilities this year... I'm thinking we will get a surprise nomination for Best Picture and it will be either Cloud Atlas or The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
I really don't know who will be the favorites this year. Iit might be Lincoln, because of the deep rooting in american history plus the fantastic performance by Daniel Day-Lewis.
I will cheer for The Hobbit, of course. I hope it will win at least Best Score.
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