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Originally Posted by Santa Sangre View Post
I really don't know who will be the favorites this year. Iit might be Lincoln, because of the deep rooting in american history plus the fantastic performance by Daniel Day-Lewis.
I will cheer for The Hobbit, of course. I hope it will win at least Best Score.
I think Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty are going to be the favorites this year. Day Lewis' performance and the subject matter are big reasons. And, Zero Dark Thirty is another one with big history subject matter (no matter how it really happened) and an outstanding lead performance and I think Bigelow's direction easily beats out Spielberg's. But, this is also just my guess because they've been getting a lot of the talk as of late.

I did love them both, but I'd like to see something unpredictable happen.

What I'd really like to see is Django, Skyfall, Argo or End of Watch be up there. But, End of Watch definitely won't and the first two aren't the Academy's type. Argo could have a chance though.
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