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Originally Posted by HorrorMovieFan View Post
"Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhatten"....Oye what a crock of shit!! Jason appearing everywhere so fast...was stupid. No suspenseful chase scenes. A fatal boxing fight where Jason knocks the guys head right lame!! 96% of a lousy cast who couldn't act worth shit!! The girl who played the bitchy girl "Tamara" was ok. Scott Reeves is "Ok". Lead actress Jensen Daggett was all over the place with her performance. Not to mention all those visions and crap her character had of Jason as a boy was lame. She wasn't even born when Jason drowned.Oh...and at the end of the movie we see Jason consumed in all the toxic acid..and then turned back into a human little boy. LOL...what a crock of shit!! Worst screenplay ever written for this series. How they went ahead with this is totally absurd. Despite a few decent kills and Kane Hodder as "Jason", this is still the worst sequel in the series.

oh yes it is the worse part in the series. all the point outs here are spot on. its the only chapter in the series where you watch it because its part of the series. for me anyways.

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