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Originally Posted by voodoo_dolly View Post
It was fascinating. There was a really neat story about Winston Churchill. It had different sections like coincidence or synchronicity which had stories about how one twin was killed by a taxi while he was walking down a road and a year later the other twin was walking downthe same road remembering his brother and was hit by the same cab carrying the same passenger. Also every president that was voted into office on a year ending in zero also died in office. Abraham Lincoln, JFK, FDR, etc. My least favorite section was the one on UFOs BC I always found that subject boring. Turns out the government allowed the public to believe they were covering up an alien conspiracy in Roswell when actually they were testing weather balloons that could detect the nuclear weapons in the Soviet. Oh there was another story about a woman who gave birth to her own twin. A real life virgin Mary.

Sounds worth it! I may check Barnes & Nobel sometime this week when I go on my book hunt.
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