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Originally Posted by Rusted View Post
There's been pay offs galore this whole season. I liked that the final episode stripped everything back and just focused on the three most important character arcs. Having Lana narrate was also a great touch.
The whole narration/interview aspect of the finale was flawlessly executed. Probably the best written episode all season.

Super surprised at how good McDermott was the last few episodes as well. Hopefully we get to see more of him in season 3.
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TDK is overrated.
Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Attention whore.

I've said it a couple times before, and I'll say it again. There is only one Oxley, and you ain't him bub. Quit feigning crazy. It's getting pathetic.
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Se7en...STFU. Stop trying to out stupid Oxley. Oxley is actually amusing with his craziness.

You're just a bland and dull rip off.
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