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Good to see him back behind the camera. I hope he won't try to top the sleaziness of the original. But on the other hand...fuck that.
"We said, ‘Can we shoot here?’ and talked to them, and our producers said ‘We have to explain to them what a movie is. They’ve never seen a television... So we brought a generator and set up a television. I thought they were going to show them E.T. or The Wizard of Oz, but they showed them Cannibal Holocaust to see how much they could handle."

That makes... sense, I suppose. Thankfully for the production team, the locals didn't take a cue from the movie and break out the bibs. "The villagers thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever seen," according to Roth.
First film Cannibal Holocaust and the poor souls thought it was fun. I don't believe this story.
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