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Originally Posted by Outpost #31 View Post
My favorite Royal Rumble elimination:

It's sad that London got reprimanded for this spot. It's moments like this that make the Rumble awesome.
I'm guessing he got punished for showing up the entire roster? Pathetic. I watched that Rumble the other day, and yeah, it was such a cool spot. I think it was same RR that Puder got chopped to death in the beginning, by Eddie, Benoit, and Holly. Now that was gold. Puder deserved every bit of it.

I've always loved the Royal Rumble match and probably still hold it as my favorite PPV of the year.
Yeah, it's easily my favorite WWE event. I wonder how many old-schoolers we're going to see this year. I'm guessing Backlund, since he'll be there anyways for his HOF induction.

There is also rumours swirling that Papa Shongo will make an appearance. I'd love for the ring to clear, and then have Papa Shongo come out, followed by The Boogeyman. Now that would be epic.

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