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Originally Posted by DudeClassicMan View Post
Brad Whitewood Sr.,At Close Range, 1985.- Itís a plain old crime movie about a ring of tractor thieves in Pennsylvania. Then this guyís sons (played by Brothers Penn) decide to freelance with a bunch of their stupid buddies (including Crispin Glover and Evil Ed) and get their dumbasses caught after the DA has already been building a case against paranoid Brad Sr.,. Thatís when motherfuckers start getting whisked away into the woods in the middle of the night. You can guess the rest. Probably Walkenís most menacing role. I mean even Frank White had his altruistic side.

I fucking love that movie and I totally agree. For my money that is Walken's most menacing role. The guy is just scary, grimy and worst of all unscrupulous.

Impressive list you compiled there man. But there is one guy you left out:

And shame on me for not including "The Howling" & "Silver Bullet" in my 80's horror list. I actually enjoy "Silver Bullet" more than I do "American Werewolf In London". Sacrilege I know but I have to be honest..


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