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Originally Posted by Sea Hag View Post

With the 80's I think frankly there were just more horror movies made than there were in the 70's & you can attribute that to the home video boom of the time. This is why I think the decade gets a bad wrap in terms of quality. There's just a gluttonous amount of films to sift through but if you look at the list I posted of 80's titles you'll see there's alot more than cheese there. There are bonafide, serious horror classics to be seen. And for my money moreso than the 70's.
You make a good point about the video boom attributing to quantity and I agree the 80's has many classic horror movies, if they are better than the 70's well that's just down to opinion. Although I find it easier to define "landmark" films rather than "classic" which is why I left out other 70's flicks like The Hills have eyes, Black Christmas, the crazies, long weekend, zombi etc. etc. As landmark I view as cinematic greats whose success undoubtedly influenced the genre.

Either way both were great decades that I love and I'll be interested to see how the 90's onwards will fair in this list as I've been critical about the lack of great releases since the "golden age".
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