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Originally Posted by floyd2006 View Post
This is my plan:1.)Sand it down with 120 grit sandpaper to remove finish
2.)Put wood filler, if needed to fill cracks/dents
3.)Wipe guitar down with damp rag to clean it from dust/dirt
4.)Hang guitar from a wire
5.)Add coat of primer
6.)Sand guitar down with 800 grit with wet sand paper then add another coat of primer
7.)Spray 6 coats of paint (wait 15 minutes between each coat)
8.)Spray 10 coats of clear coat (let it sit for 48 hours)
9.)Sand guitar with 800 wet sand paper again
10.)Put parts back in guitar
That will work in my opinion a little over the top if it's just an old strat that's borderline professional also I have never used 800 grit I always used 220 because 800 seems like you would be taking way too much off.

But experiment who knows you might find a combo that brings it out really well.
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