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Sacks don't really mean jackshit when applied to middle linebackers. Lewis plays a totally different position than a coked-up demon pass rusher like LT or currently Ware or Harrison.

But using Mike Singletary as a gauge he only had 19 sacks and 7 INT's compared to Lewis's 41.5 sacks and 31 INT's. Actually, I bet you'll find few ILB's that have as many as Lewis's 41.5 sacks. I also doubt there are very many LB's that have more than Lewis's 31 picks.

The same fuckers that voted Lewis an All-Pro 7 times are going to be the same ones voting him into the Hall Of The Fame. Singletary was also surrounded by a half dozen great defensive players in his prime but nobody ever questioned his greatness. You can individually decide whether these guys were catalysts or just warm bodies. I'll go out on a limb and believe that Lewis wasn't getting all these All Pro distinctions by accident.

Personally, I don't give a shit if Lewis fell down on a sharpened dildo and got splinters up his ass. I really hate all this hallelujah farewell tour bullshit too. But deciding a player is average or no better than a dozen other guys because you loathe the guy is taking it a bit far.

I mean guys like Norton and Thomas, while very good players, aren't even a pimple on Lewis's dickhead. Pro Bowl defensive tackles? Are we going all the way back to 2000? Adams; yes. Siragusa? Fat piece of lardbucket shit parked in the middle of the defense that was the real beneficiary of being surrounded by all that Ravens talent. Besides Lewis and Reed have been the constants on that Ravens defense. Dozens of other players have came and went; they've remained and the defense has stayed one of the best in the league.

As for the cheating, who knows how many of these fuckers are really clean? All the USC backers like Cushing and Matthews have certainly been juicing or doing whatever else for quite a while; only the former has gotten caught yet.

It's no accident that Lewis has been in the middle of the defense that besides the Steelers has been the most consistent in the league going on a dozen years now.

The Ravens are only in my B tier of most hated teams a notch below the Gnomes, Eagles, Patsies, Steelers and 9ers. Needless to say I'll be rooting for them as hard as I was for them to take down the Patsies. Though I'm obligated to hate the team itself, I actually love the way the 9ers have built from the inside out spending a bunch of early picks on O-line. I also like that Harbaugh was brash enough of a bastard to make a late season QB change. I think he's the modern equivalent to Jimmy Johnson. But fuck the 9ers. Although at least if they won and got their 6th it would make Jerry Jones feel like an even bigger piece of shit as a GM. Fuck that Skeletor-looking motherfucker.

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