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Originally Posted by DudeClassicMan View Post
That was purely sarcasm on my part. I find it's much more fun when I don't use some cheeky sarcasm font or emoticons to tip anybody off.

Of course, LT was a Hall Of Famer. My point was how nobody uses that kind of cop-out to try to keep any defender out of the Hall; how good their supporting cast was. It's cut and dry who is an all-time great and who isn't at a position like MLB. Supporting cast shit really only matters if you're talking about QB's.
I agree it's definitely lengths and bounds bigger when it comes to the QB but I still don't think Ray deserves to be in the hall

But if anyone thinks he does they as you have clearly made it have a right to say so and make a good case for him.

Michael Irvin is in the hall which I really don't believe he deserved to be in either.
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