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Originally Posted by Freddy_Lives View Post
I agree it's definitely lengths and bounds bigger when it comes to the QB but I still don't think Ray deserves to be in the hall

But if anyone thinks he does they as you have clearly made it have a right to say so and make a good case for him.

Michael Irvin is in the hall which I really don't believe he deserved to be in either.
Everybody thinks Lewis belongs in the Hall. Nobody's making a case for all those other guys that came and went on the Ravens being Hall Of Famers. By the time Rod Woodson was on the Ravens he had already transitioned over to safety.

Irvin got in by being the 2nd best receiver in the league during his prime playing on the last real dynasty and being a clutch postseason performer during those runs; he's still 2nd in postseason receiving yards to Jerry Rice.

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