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With Sly Cooper : Thieves In Time coming out this week, I've been replaying the first three games. Still enjoyed the hell out of them like I did when they first came out, I'm also getting a little bit more out of it due to the conversations I had with Dev Madan (Creative/Art Director) last summer. (Murray originally going to be the "Big Gay Al" of the bunch, and Dimitri's dialogue was created by Dev being drunk off his ass late at night and laughing at whatever he could put down.)

Speak of SC: TiT, it's good hearing that Sanzuru did a really nice job with it. Especially considering many of Sony's platformers hasn't done too well when a different developer made them. (Crash Bandicoot, Spyro etc.)

It's also been a little tricky avoiding spoilers, especially since the ending has been posted on some sites. All I can say is this...Spoiler below, nothing blantant, but I think you guys can pick up what the spoiler is refering to.

Spoiler Below
I really hope this does sell well so either Sanzuru or Sucker Punch can make the next one.
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