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Originally Posted by oxley View Post
I really love Alien 3. A lot. I love how it recaptures the feel of the original. Something Aliens had lost. I think it's so, so underrated. My favourite film from Fincher.
When I first joined BD I got HELL for my love of Alien 3. Honestly I've never been able to answer which is my favorite of the first 3 but I can tell ya part 3 would be 2nd.

Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
the Alien transfer is truly gorgeous. The rest are great, but that Alien transfer is something special.
When I was giving Aliens a watch on Blu the night I got it I felt it was to clean to be honest. Honestly I still prefer my VHS of Aliens over anything else I've watched. I like that movie to be dark, dirty, and gritty.
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