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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
Here's my scratch note thoughts on each segment.

A 7/10 (good effects, interesting twist, kind of incomplete)
B 8/10 (awesome build up, mysterious ending, weird name)
C 7.5/10 (trippy concept, doesn't really make sense, still cool)
D 9/10 (amazing visuals, cruel and brutal. Kind of odd but visceral and intense)
E 4/10 (silly and pointless. Predictable. Trying to hard)
F 1/10 (most idiotic shit I've ever seen)
G 4/10 (disturbing in a way, but underdeveloped and lacking)
H 8.5 (hilarious, surreal, cartoony and violent)
I 6.5/10 (confusing/pointless but disturbing and violent)
J 6/10 (wtf!!!! I found this strangely hilarious and bizarre)
K 5/10 (amusing... kind of stupid and felt out of place)
L 9/10 (amazingly fucked up and twisted)
M 2/10 (lame, too short, silly, pointless, a bit gross)
N 6/10 (amusing and funny, kind of silly)
O 7/10 (psychedelic and seductive. Not sure wtf happened but it was beautiful)
P 6/10 (conflicted about this one... overlong but impacted me)
Q 7.5/10 (bad beginning, absolutely hilarious ending)
R 8/10 (another surreal short. Brutal although a bit unfocused)
S 9/10 (outstanding. Action packed and with a great twist)
T 10/10 (creative and fucked up. Awesome)
U 8/10 (cool POV movie. Exciting and bloody)
V 7.5/10 (creative and well made, but I didn't follow the plot very well... gotta watch it again)
W - 10/10 (ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
X - 10/10 (extremely disturbing and absolutely vile)
Y - 9/10 (awesome score and cool story. Violent and humorous)
Z - 5/10 (overly random, but funny as fuck in parts. Bizarre and completely pointless)

Overall averages to be about 7/10

A ton of fun, but some segments are pointless and idiot. Some shockingly so. Some are really great. This is a film to watch with a group of people and a ton of alcohol.
Originally Posted by Yggdrasil View Post
I'd rate them:

A: 7.5/10
B: 7/10
C: 4/10
D: 7/10
E: 5/10
F: 2/10
G: 3/10
H: 10/10
I: 3/10
J: 9/10
K: 5/10
L: 10/10
M: 1/10
N: 7/10
O: 9/10
P: 8/10
Q: 7.5/10
R: 7/10
S: 8/10
T: 8/10
U: 10/10 - My personal favorite
V: 8.5/10
W: 8/10
X: 10/10
Y: 8/10
Z: 8/10 - Loved the "Dr Strangelove" parody!

I don't feel like calculating an exact overall score using the individual scores, but I'd say my overall enjoyment with it was a solid 8.5 .
Great job! Is it already downloadable?
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