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Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
I find it strange that sequels to reboots take so long. Any other horror film e.g Paranormal Activity, Saw and there is a sequel out within a year. The reboots make money and there was high demand for TCM3D, I wonder what their thinking is...
TCM 3D wasn't in high demand, & most fans hated it, and critics literally massacred it (pun intended) so I can understand why a sequel to that film won't happen any time soon.

Not to mention, it cost $20 million to make, & had another $20 million worth of advertising, & has only made $34 million to date. That's not in demand, because if it were, though numbers would be far, far higher. The 2003 remake was made for $9 & made $80 million domestically, $107 worldwide. That movie was in demand.

Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
I haven't seen Elm Street cause of the terrible response but it made good money, $63 million according to imdb. Non of the remakes have had a great response but bottom line is they make money which is all they care about.

Perhaps they were expecting bigger returns and see more potential in creating new franchises like Paranormal Activity etc.
The Elm Street movie cost $35 million to make, & that's not including what the marketing costs were, so making $63 million isn't really a good thing. They made $115 million worldwide I believe, but they don't keep a large share of the profits they earn internationally (no film does unless the deal they work out is air tight).

With that said, Elm Street needed to make $70 million domestically to break even, & probably over $100 million domestically to have been a real profit.

Friday '09 was made for $19 million, & if promotion cost the same, bump that to $38 million, & the movie made about $43 million opening weekend, ending with a total of $65 million domestically & $90 million worldwide. That's good money.
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