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Originally Posted by Rusted View Post
Platinum Dunes have been very quiet since their disastrous Elm St film, which is probably why production has stalled on this.

I hope it sent them running.

Originally Posted by Midnight-Kroovy View Post
I haven't seen Elm Street cause of the terrible response but it made good money, $63 million according to imdb. Non of the remakes have had a great response but bottom line is they make money which is all they care about.

Perhaps they were expecting bigger returns and see more potential in creating new franchises like Paranormal Activity etc.
If you look at a time line, most of the money was made opening weekend, then after that it nose dived. Once people had seen it and word got out, it sank faster than the Titanic, and not nearly as climatic.
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You are a sadistic, volatile and all over out of control internet cruise missile, that's what you are, Oxley.
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Do you have American animals in your Zoo's? Like Bears, Elephants and Giraffes?
My little idiot..
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