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"Life Of Pi"......Oh where to begin here? First off the spiritual themes are simple and deep and raise more questions about faith and belief than answer anything. It's a wonderful story about storytelling and how telling our stories can get us through the most horrible life experiences and to help deal with the aftermath of them. There are some very moving scenes, and they brought me to tears. The movie is beautifully shot and I was also impressed with the main 2 performances. Suraj Sharma as teen "Pi" is charming, funny, and pretty solid, while Irrfan Khan as the older "Pi" was fantastically genuine and warm. Adil Hussain as Pi's "father" was also a joy to watch and had a pivotal supporting role. The characters are so rich and full of life and the movie is very character driven. The special effects are top notch. The animators did a wonderful and accurate job of bringing "Richard Parker" to life and making him the active and vital character that is so incredibly essential to the success of this story. Terrific cinematography and art direction, solid music score, and fantastic direction by Ang Lee also highlight the movie. Nominated for 11 Academy Awards including Best Picture!!


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