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Originally Posted by Justin_Voorhees View Post
Sigh* DLC for Aliens:Colonial Marines is already slated to come out in march and 3 more packs in the near future. I'm not buying this game now. These game studios can suck my dick if they think I'm going to pay full price for half a game.

Half a game?

You do realise game developing isn't perfect. If one team finishes before another (e.g. Art Department) they start working on the next line of material for the game, if it's to have any. So, given the prolonged release of the game, more and more departments would have finished, and then been able to work on DLC. They can't release it with the game itself, because it hasn't been budgeted for/pre-planned.

It isn't half a game, and it's no reason not to get it. It's likely multiplayer things anyway. Which are a constant thing for games these days. I don't think they'll release an edition with everything in it.

I'm loving it, near the end of the campaign. I don't get the hate, I mean, yeah it's not perfect, but fuck is it fun, and there is things that make the Alien fanboy in me twitch with awesomeness. Fucking awesomely fun game.
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