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Originally Posted by hellbound_heart View Post
fuck this shit

you wanna leave me you fucking cunt wonderlust for king well fuck you i loved you so dearly the last few years so ready to settle down and make a life with you but fuck me eh, woodenheart? your KING is so fucking special more so than me

fucking scumbag should just die already

but fine we won't be together fuck no babies i'm sick of them babies dying anyways its the worst feeling in the world losing one and i wouldn't have wanted you to lose ours so theres that

fine love KING to you die i just wanna know you will always be in my heart even after i slit my wrists here and eventually die going take my time with the slits kinda afraid of my own end at my own hands but i am drunk enough ahahaha so it shouldn't be too painful right?

god i love you wonderlust damn lifes a bitch huh? all i wanted in this world was you but some things are never meant to be

i'm sorry for everything you'll never have to deal with me again online not sure how long its gonna take to kill myself but i got plenty of razors a knife and plenty of booze to do it

fuck you all and fuck you world

keep on killing the dreams and babies

adios internet and world

goodbye wonderlust good luck on your website, take care, and i hope KING is really the one for you its certainly not me though

i'm sorry


the end.

Remember, it's up the street, not across the road.
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