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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
It's not shit though. What does he do for the sport, other than put fans to sleep? Especially now that he's losing.

I don't expect everyone to be Anderson Silva, but the guys who just blanket their opponents to a decision over, and over, and over again, need to realize that it is a spectator sport(IE a business), as well as a competition, and the UFC are not going to showcase guys that make the sport look boring. Especially now, with the FOX deal. They have to up their game.

That being said, the real problem is how fights are judged. A takedown equals, and more often than not, completely negates a round of dominant striking. A fighter could hit a guy 100 fucking times, but if his opponent gets one or two stinkin' takedowns in the round, the takedowns get the 10-9. It's absolutely retarded.

If the judging system was changed, you wouldn't have these blanket fighters.
I just think it's a bit of a blow to just drop him. Could have told him to change his game a bit. And if he done it again then give him the axe.
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