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Originally Posted by Ultimate High View Post
On the first episode of the most recent TUF, Dana has a monologue where he notes that he had a list of fighters to challenge Jon Jones and the only one that accepted was Chael Sonnen. I'm not sure how accurate and/or truthful that is but that's what was said.
There is some truth to it, but....

I think it also probably has a lot to do with how good Sonnen is on TV.
That's the real reason.

Again, I'm really just getting my feet wet as far as UFC is concerned, so I'm not familiar with Sonnen's (infamous) facade he apparently puts to hype his fights but I will say that, hands-down, he's the best coach I've ever seen on the show and has made me a fan in the short time it's been on.
Oh' man, he's nothing like he was a short time ago. He's on good behaviour these days, and very respectful. His schtick used to be being an absolute fucking asshole, who could articulate his douche-ness better than anyone in the business, and could back it up. He was basically a pro-wrestling promoter's dream.

You should really watch his promos during his Anderson Silva feuds, to get an idea on just how good he is at selling a fight. I wouldn't be surprised if Dana is a little pissed that he's changed his personna around.

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