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I happened to get my first viewing of Antichrist on The Sundance Channel last night. Very solid film in terms of acting and story. The imagery was very artful if perhaps a little too preening and high concept. I'm not sure if I should have been confused by the film or not. In one respect, the story is a very simple fable, yet it seems as if the film--that is the images that make up the film--was telling a different story. Visually there were some beautiful moments, some harrowing moments, some grotesque moments. I admire anyone who can depict nudity and coitus in a way that is ugly and unappealing rather than erotic. I'm sure it's easy to do, but it is so rarely done (intentionally) that it gave me pause. I really like how the film builds a very typical sense of foreboding and expectation and then jumps the rails entirely about two thirds of the way in. I was expecting a typically atypical supernatural story where it would seem that the story is building toward some inevitable disclosure of supernatural horror. What I got was....well....what I got, which was perfect.

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