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Originally Posted by Ultimate High View Post
UFC 157 is a good indicator of why some people are so resistant to MMA.

Honestly, boring as fuck. I would have been PISSED had I actually paid for that. The Henderson fight was laughable, had he not come forward there would have been legitimately zero punches thrown. I get that Machida is a counter-puncher but goddamn, that's ALL he does.

The main bout was some chick just steam-rolling another and attempting to do the same submission, over and over, again. Anytime shit like that can happen in a championship match means the division is severely underdeveloped and more importantly not worthy of being the main event.

The (free) Dodson - Mighty Mouse card >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The main event was very reminiscent of Hughes/Trigg. The only reason people are talking like this is because they are women.
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