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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
You're confusing hate, with the fact that WMMA is still very thin in terms of talent.
I feel like it is hate when you have people complain about her using her signature move to finish her opponents or when people complain that Rousey's opponents should be able to defend themselves better against the armbar.

No one could stop her from performing that move, no amount of gym training would matter...

If Rousey loses that fight, guess what, no more WMMA in the UFC. Dana has even said this himself.
Till the next marketable female shows up of course...

Dana White is not eating his words. He's just smart enough to see the star power that Ronda brings to the table. Once she gets beat, who else do they have? The person that beat her? She better be just as hot and marketable as Ronda.
Dana White is a smart business man to realize the star power Rousey has but I also think he was impressed by her fighting skills as well...

I just don't see her going anywhere or losing anytime soon, she's just too good and intimidating right now...

It's the Ronda show. That's it. There's nothing wrong with it, but it is what it is.
True but a year from now there very well might be an impressive stable of female fighters in the UFC, it's still in it's infancy....

Rousey just posted this via her Facebook, hilarious and true!!!!!

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