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Well, the news is good and bad. While the picture quality is at least a slight upgrade over the DVD, this thing is totally bare bones when it comes to special features. l read somewhere that Anchor Bay tried to get Barbara Herschey to do an interview for this release but she declined, having completely disavowed this movie...which is ridiculous because she gives a stellar performance, not to mention shes absolutely gorgeous in it.

There isn't even a menu on the disc. As soon as you put the blu-ray in the movie starts, and thats where the real problem begins. Like l said, the picture isn't bad, but Anchor Bay certainly didn't give this the Evil Dead treatment. There is a lot of grain, especially in dark scenes, of which there are quite a few in this movie. l know some people don't mind grain, but l find myself distracted by it constantly. Also- and this probably goes without saying since its an older movie- don't expect to see a whole lot of detail, like pores in skin, individual leaves in shrubbery, or hairs on Ron Silver's beard. You get about as much detail as you would on the DVD.

All that being said, this is such a damn good movie. lts one of those that l always forget how good it is when l haven't watched it in a while. l totally forgot about the very end:
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