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I don't get the hate the whole show gets, especially the finale. Sure, it is not the best show around, acting or plot-wise spoken. But I still enjoyed many moments, though I facepalmed myself at least a dozen times.
Though, that little Carl brat is getting on my nerves. The talking with his daddy after his kill - boy, this little fucker talked down to Rick, not conversely! That dwarf needs prolly the blonde young pussy in the group in order to keep his mouth shut. He is so damn annoying.
Wasn't surprised that Andrea is now dead and gone, unfortunately in a pretty cheap manner. The off-screen action bugged me too.
Originally Posted by SlayerX View Post
Three things really irked me...

1. No major deaths. I wanted to see someone go out in a blaze of glory, making a last stand to defend another

2. Carl. Whats with the little psycho mentality? Im gonna start calling him mini-Shane

3. Governor fully snaps and is on the run. I want this motherfucker DEAD.
All of this, especially point one. I expected a lot more carnage and major kills than this.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
The quality of the acting has dropped considerably, ever since Darabont got canned. In the first season, everyone was on point. Since then, the acting has been very hit or miss, as has everything else.
I noticed that too. The acting even felt sometimes so damn cheesy, that it was hard to sit through a specific scene.
On the other hand, the zombie kills in manner and amount were completey satisfying. Can't bitch here at all.
Originally Posted by black coffee View Post
Fuck it, there's too much unwarranted bitching about this show.

Sure, first half of Season 2 sucked (second half was great) and Season 1 and 3 were both awesome.

The more I think about the finale, the more I'm liking the way they handled The Governor:
Spoiler Below
He's now one of the most compelling characters, and he sets up the next season well. If they killed him they would be completely starting from scratch and just trying to find another cartoon-y villain to 1-up the Governor.
True dat as well.

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