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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
Yeah, I believe he's booked up until next year's WM. He signed an extension a while back. That's the only reason I see him possibly going over HHH. I think the plan is for Rock/Brock at WM 30.
I've heard the Brock Vs Rock rumor and I don't care for that idea, already happened at summerslam and its less relevant now.

I've heard Brock Vs Taker mentioned and I know they've had lots of fights but at least it ties in with Heyman and they had that face off at a UFC event. Still not hot on that idea either, at least not for mania.

I'd love Austin vs Punk at Mania XXX. And if Triple H beats Brock making it a win a piece I'd like the final to be at extreme rules in a octagon. This is just fantasy though.

Another random thought. If Cena happened to turn heel at Mania you reckon that would spell the end for the PG era? The Bearer stuff among other things have been pushing the boundaries of PG.
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