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Originally Posted by DudeClassicMan View Post
I should've been more clear; I meant WCW where we saw Russo with no shackles on his crackpot random bullshit style of booking. Also I don't buy for a second Austin or Rock's ascensions had a thing to do with Russo's input at the time. All those guys were open mic unlike today's largely scripted promo bullshit the shitcom writers saddle guys with. Hell, Austin shot to superstardom during a feud where he lost the only two high-profile matches of the feud to sHitman Hart. Russo's edgy direction and all those characters and performers certainly complimented one another but he'll go down as little more than a lucky hack cocksucker.
Oh' yeah, his WCW days were a travesty. He actually managed to make WCW worse than it already was. That takes some serious, shit-tacular skills.

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