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Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
And you don't understand the hate this show gets? Without acting or plot, you don't really have much of a show, now do ya?
I think the nay-sayers are bitching and complaining on a very high level. Not every series can hold up to the likes of Boardwalk Empire, Game Of Thrones or Breaking Bad. The Walking Dead did deliver the goods, zombie and horror fans were getting what they wanted: decent gore and zombie action in almost every last episode - though the plot and acting were sometimes too paper-thin. But after every season ending, I can live with that - though the satisfaction factor after watching a Breaking Bad episode is far more higher than the Walking Dead one.

Originally Posted by Heretic View Post
My problem is that it should be sooooo much better than it is.
I know and I basically think the same. But like I said, at the end of the day I am good with the series, though not completely overwhelmed or satisfied.
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