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Originally Posted by Santa Sangre View Post
The Walking Dead did deliver the goods, zombie and horror fans were getting what they wanted: decent gore and zombie action in almost every last episode - though the plot and acting were sometimes too paper-thin.
You can only hold someone's attention for a short amount of time with gore and zombie carnage before it start's to get boring, and this show proves that. The whole point of The Walking Dead, from the conception, was to explore the human condition within the zombie apocalypse; complex or cool characters for you to get emotionally invested in. I can honestly say there's no character in the show I really care a whole lot about. Which is why when they get offed arbitrarily, it just feels devoid of emotion.

I don't think the series is totally worthless. What's frustrating is that there are glimpses of genius and great quality television, but it's shrowded in a sea of boring plot development and crappy acting. Like Heretic said, it could be a whole lot better than it is. Whoever takes over now that Mazzara is off the show, better be a damn good writer and bring an equally good writing team with him.

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