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a couple weeks ago I was actually looking at getting this BC Rich, the mockingbird has a cool design.

as for what I have right now:
Schecter C-1 Triple X
Ibanez Iceman IC300

Peavey XXL 100W head w/matched 4X12 cab

yeah, very basic set-up right now. I sold off all my unnecessary equipment, i.e. junky effects, un unsed pickups, i.e. bill lawrence, emg, duncan and rebuilding my rig.

plan to put a matched set up duncan pearly gates in the Iceman. give it some growl, but I like the lower output, open sound the 'gates have to them. it's different than what everyone else is doing, which I like.

looking into selling the peavey head to help fund a mesa boogie recto. can't really decide if I want to go single or dual? the dual seems like more wattage than I will ever need, but it does have some cool features like lead boost and some other stuff. but the single is simply more affordable.
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