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El Duncan
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Originally Posted by The Revelator View Post
haha I'm not sure about this one... sounds like a movie to watch after 15 beers.
Better top it off at a 6-pack, this one's an easy 8 on the barf meter.
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Your Highness
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I seen this movie several years ago and I mentioned this in another thread. It is so real and graphic it's as if the man set up a camera and recorded this event. I sat there watching this kind of shocked because this happened and such a true account of what happened.
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Fresh Kill
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I went into this movie expecting a lot more fucked up gore madness. But in saying this I really liked the movie and felt it portrayed the events quite well.
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The most horrific movie I have ever seen. Truly sick but also great film craft on every level. Amazing cinematography which is as grisly, raw and decrepit as the subject matter. An eerie score, great acting, and special fx, it feels as if you are watching the real thing. Not sure how to rate it because its more of an experience than anything enjoyable. Only watch it if you are intrigued by sick movies. This is not throw away crap though, its quite artistic and a macabre masterpiece imo. For what it is , it has to be a 10/10.
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