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Originally Posted by Mogwai View Post
Yeah, the mongoloid face in the girls ribcage made me laugh to you... you.. Heathen you!
Overall it's a pretty competent horror film. The story of the central characters is totally cliched. Yer know the score - hubby and wife have divorced, they share custody of the children, there's a new boyfriend/girlfriend in the picture, etc. This type of set up is always convenient when dealing with a "messed up kid" film. That way whatever is wrong with the child can inevitably be blamed on the fact that the child is just not dealing well with the break up of his or her parents. No matter the fact that the little girl speaks in a demonic voice or stabs her dad with a fork, that is quite normal behaviour. And, if she ever rolls her eyes back into her skull and floats around the kitchen then bingo. She's special. definitely not possessed though. Certainly not.

It was fine, the pacing was just about right, I'll give it that much but a few scenes disturbed me and not in an eerie way. There seemed to be ton of shots of the little girls arse as she was wearing short skirts! One scene in particular troubled me - the bit where she magically disappeared Mr Dentist's teeth away. She was stood by a swing wearing knee high boots and a sexy dress. She's meant to be about ten ffs you pervy bastard filmmakers and while I'm on the subject of the ersatz father of the girls... what the fuck became of him? Devil slut jail bait made his mouth bleed, he fled in his car and then what? It could have at least explained what became of the guy? Nah, best to end with the hubby getting back with that horrible mother of the children over a breakfast scene. Closure is for pussies afterall.
It was alright and had a few moments.
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It was a decent possession movie,a little different than others since it focused on the jewish side of possession.At most it had a couple eerie scenes but still nothing memorable.Worth a rental at most.
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